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Organisational and Team Excellence


The fast changing context of the 21st century, the challenges presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the daunting realities of doing business in a Post-Covid world have entrenched 'business-unusual' as a key slogan of our time. Our ability to adapt to these changes have become a core competency for organisational survival. Organisations have as a result instituted various transformational, downsizing, rightsizing, re-engineering and restructuring initiatives to survive and flourish in these turbulent times.


As business psychologists, we are tasked to find fitting solutions to the complex challenges of today's work environment. To remain relevant and competitive within the 21st century, organisations continuously need to review and align its current strategy, structure, purpose, processes and people practices to the challenges presented by the current context. TDCI's business psychology consulting services therefore provide individual, team and organisation-wide solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency to which organisations (at the various levels) adapt to the changing context.


Organisational excellence is defined as the ongoing efforts to establish an internal framework of standards and processes intended to engage and motivate employees to deliver products and services that meet and surpass customer expectations. It encompasses consistent superior performance and outputs that exceed business objectives, requirements or outcomes.

Organisational Excellence

Excellence is a measure of consistently superior performance that surpasses requirements and expectations without demonstrating significant flaws or waste.

TDCI offers the following dedicated Organisational and Team Development services:

  • Organisational audits, team/culture surveys and barrier analyses

  • Scientifically structured organisational development interventions

  • Assessing and enabling organisational wellness, happiness & grit 

  • Implementing organisational culture/climate change initiatives

  • Managing and increasing employee motivation and engagement

  • Structured programmes to develop team excellence in Boards, Executive-, Functional-, Project- and Virtual teams

  • Multiple mediums available for structuring and customising Team Development Interventions: Strategic, Thematic, Experiential, Adventure-based, Wilderness and Virtual

TDCI's Organisational Development Methodology

  • Business Psychology frameworks, models and change management principles

  • Understanding the embedded nature of organisational systems that necessitate multiple change journeys (ind, leader, team, org & society)

  • TDCI’s Integrated Organisational Development Model

  • Adopting change management principles and process (individual, team, leader, organisational)

  • OD should be Purpose driven (Motive, Case & Drivers), Value Centred (org values) & Outcomes focussed

  • Utilise Integrated & Scientifically structured audit / needs analyses / culture surveys (scope, methodology + methods) 

  • Acknowledge & integrate all relevant Stakeholders

  • Utilise Multiple Dashboards* (Ind, Team, Departmental, Organisational)

  • SMART plans formulated on Strategic, Tactical & Operational levels

  • The 70:20:10 model isn’t just a numeric sequence. It is a fundamentally different view of work, performance and learning in the 21st century

  • Responsibility, Accountability, PMS integration and Consequence management

  • Sustainability and capacitating of internal resources

  • The understanding that OD is not an intervention but a journey

  • Structure interventions Top-down, then Bottom-up

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