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HR's changing mandate: The quest for adaptive intelligence in a new age


Our turbulent post-Covid context; the drive towards more inclusive and moral-ethical workspaces; and the age of digitalization with its related 4IR challenges have created many new business opportunities as well as conundrums for organisations. These changes have challenged organisations to become agile in adapting their strategic positioning, structure, processes and technologies to survive and flourish in a totally disrupted world of work. Globally the expectancy has been (from management and employees alike) that HR professional should be ready and able to respond to the changing context, the increased digitalisation of business and the state of ‘business unusual’ as we have recently experienced.


The above have ensured that the future of HR is agile with adaptive intelligence the key phrase. Practitioner require a new kind of technical knowledge, skills, abilities and willingness to deal with the ever-accelerating pace and often unpredictable changes in the global workplace. TDCI’s Human Resource Services enable HR practitioners to design and implement adaptive organisational architecture (HR strategies, policies, frameworks, technologies and practices) that support employers and employees to prosper together in this brave new world.

TDCI's integrated HR Services incorporate the following:

  •  Strategic HR Consulting; Recruitment

  • Job profiling, job evaluations, job restructuring.

  • Employment Relations upskilling within any Industry

  • Performance Management/improvement systems

  • Policy development and employment contracts

  • Development of HR and operational strategies

  • Training Interventions (soft skills) for managers and Employees

  • Black Economic Empowerment strategies (BBBEE)

  • Variable Reward & retention schemes

  • Outsourcing – all levels of capability and expertise.

  • Benchmarking and market Surveys

  • Organization restructuring.

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HR Competency Audits

Contact Prof Nico Schutte for more information about our HR competency framework and audits.

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